The bear goes through the forest with a file in his hand. In a glade he meets the fox. The fox greets him coquettishly:

“Hello, bear !”

“Hi !”

“But what have you got under your arm, bear ?”

“I have a blacklist of those I have to eat.”

‘Oh, bear, am I on the list ?”

The bear looks at the list and announces him:

“Bad luck, you’re on the list.”

“Woe ! Bear, let me see my kids again and promise you I’m back.”

The bear allows him.

The fox goes quickly to his burrow, kisses the children with tears in his eyes and comes back. The bear kills him with a blow of the paw and then eats him.

The bear walks for a while in the woods and at some point he meets the wolf. The wolf greets him coolly:

“Hello, bear !”


“But what…

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