Inspiring…and true

Bernadette Benda

Writer’s need routine because…well, routines are just helpful in general. When we talk about routines for writers, the question usually comes up “when is the best time of day to write?” 

There is a theory (meaning: I have read a few “prestigious writers” that have said this) that the best time of day to write is in the morning, before you have done anything else.

They (the prestigious writers) say you should always write in the morning, because your brain is empty and closer to your unconscious because you just woke up. Nothing has yet happened to fill up your brain.

Is it true? Should you write in the morning??? Do I really have to become an early bird to get the worm??? Let’s take a look *dons spectacles*.

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To start things off, there may be actual science behind this, meaning, there may be a certain time of day when…

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