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Following Seas

A pair of hands holding one magazine against a large pile.Imagine writing about your cherished topics for your favorite publications. 

Whether it’s cooking, travel, science, or some other subject, you get to create content that truly excites and inspires you.

What an amazing way to earn a living!

And what writer doesn’t want to compose great articles that actually get published and help pay the bills?

None that I can think of.

But, getting the manuscript accepted depends on the quality of the research and how well-written it is. 

If you could benefit from a course designed specifically for article writing then check out the class over in the sidebar. It’s being offered through the Freelance Writers Den

This is a writers community that I belong to and have written about before. They offer a wealth of resources to help freelancers hone their skills and find good paying writing jobs.

Right now they’re offering an online class on article writing…

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