We took a trip to the border on the weekend. The weather was glorious, Spring has arrived. Tweed Heads is a town that sits in the New South Wales border, whilst across the main road of the town is Coolangatta, which lies in Queensland.

I am at the ‘pointy end’ of my Creative Writing course, with just a few weeks left and two assignments to finish. So it was a nice change to get out of my study room, blow off the cobwebs, and get some fresh air!

Fresh air also helps the crestive juices, so I’ m told….and I found some inspiration from the beauty of my surroundings….even though I’m writing and researching a witch in Medieval England. I take my inspiration wherever I can. . .!

Has anyone felt inspired to write in an unusual place? Mine is a tame setting really, but I always ensure I carry a pen & notepad wherever I go. I once wrote a short story whilst at an engagement party (which was very boring, just work collegues that I barely knew!).

Please share your inspiring and creatives niches…!

#writerslife πŸ“š #writing #writerscommunity 😊