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August 31, 2017

The Tourmaline Bracelet A Celtic Trilogy


The Tourmaline Bracelet A Celtic Trilogy

My new book The Tourmaline Bracelet has just been released on Amazon! It’s in Kindle form, but I’m working on getting it to PRINT by 30th September 2017.

Have a great weekend everyone! #writing #books #historical fiction




This Self-Publishing Course Is Free… And Great Too

Looks great

David Gaughran

When I heard someone was giving away a self-publishing course, I was a little skeptical, presuming it was either some kind of bait-and-switch or an opportunity for some hardcore upselling.

But I was wrong.

Iain Rob Wright has done something pretty amazing. He has created a pretty damn comprehensive course on self-publishing and marketing – over 50 hours of HD Video – and he has made it all free. Not the first bit free. Not free for a limited time. Not free if you also buy this, or agreed to be assailed by that.

Just free.

Iain had originally planned to charge quite a lot of money for it, but the idea didn’t sit right with him and just before launching he made the decision to make the whole thing free. The course is called Self-Publishing Mastery and you can enroll here.

You are probably skeptical. And you…

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9 Ideas to Get Inspiration or Beat Writer’s Block

So many good ideas here 🙂

A Writer's Path

by Anna del C. Dye

Inspiration is an integral part of the writing process, without it you are stuck. I don’t have a lot of problems with inspiration; it seems to overrun my mind. However, once I started a book with giant eagles (Shahira and the Flying Elfs) and was so busy with promoting my already published books that a year went by, before I knew it. When I tried to continue writing it, I wasn’t sure where to start and nothing came to mind. Now that in itself is strange for me…I always have ideas running trough my head.

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2017 Writers Group Convention

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