We took a run across the border this afternoon, and into New South Wales. As part of my creative writing course I have to write a narrative journalistic article on a local topic. It has to be an opinion piece, of local interest, and newsworthy. I’ ve chosen to write a story that has been in the local papers lately, concerning the filming of the new Aquaman movie. The film producers (one of which is James Wan ) have gained a licence from the Tweed Heads council to film at Hastings Point, amid anger from some of the residents. Naturally filming there means that the residents are not allowed on the beach or in the water in case they accidentally get filmed themselves!

We have arrived just as filming is finishing up, so the set is half dismantled and filming has moved to the Warner Bros studios on the Gold Coast.

The same area was used to film the Pirates of the Caribbean movie in 2015. Is Hollywood coming to northern NSW? If it was up to the locals, I’d say definitely not!😀

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