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August 13, 2017

10 Best Writing Tips From Stephen King

Tips from the best!

5 Tips for dealing with Writers Block


Your creative motors are faltering, your engine oil has run out of enthusiasm, and you have so many dead ends in your story, you can’t decide what route to take next…?

Sound familiar? Writers block can be painful, but can be overcome with the right tips and guidelines. With the help of the blog A Writer’s path, here is some good advice that I have used myself:

  1. Try rewriting that scene; the one that stumped you. Maybe add a new character to ‘spice’ it up? I know this tip has helped me in the past.
  2. Writers usually get ‘blocks’ when they’re bored with the story they are trying to write. Try throwing in ‘a little action’ to bring it back to life!
  3. If you’re having issues writing consistently, try writing a couple of short stories or even start a new novel. This worked for me, and I ended up with two novels ready to publish.
  4. Take a break, come back to it later. Forcing yourself to write is a no-no for creativity and can sap your writing energy. Also, your readers may guess!
  5. Write for YOU, not anyone else. If you keep writing what YOU love, the words will flow. Writing stuff that is forced is a sure fire way of getting a Block.

Happy writing ! πŸ™‚

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