I have found, to my delight, a new magazine at my local bookstore; Womankind. I’ts packed with interesting articles, quotes and current affairs stories pertaining to women. It’ s for women, about women, and should be read by women !

A particular article drew my attention, and I had to share. It’s called Daydreaming and Creativity and has a fab quote as a tagline:

It is the daydreamers of this world who will create something great”

This line resonated do much with me! As a child, I was told (by teachers and my parents alike) that my head was always ‘in the clouds,’ that I ‘never paid attention’ in class, and I was a ‘daydreamer.’

As a writer, my life is made of tales and stories in my head; of daydreaming at odd moments of the day, and of seemingly ‘vague and uninterested’ when an idea for my character/plot/ event in one of my books is formulating.

So, to all those who feel they are daydreamers, I say – dream on !

Have a lovely weekend, fellow bloggers 😊📚