I have recently discovered the Tweeting world (or Twitter, I should say). This form of social media has eluded me thus far, as I prefer Facebook and Instagram. However, in order to promote my books (now numbering 3 books on Amazon, and one to be released in August 2017), I thought I’d sign up.

I’m not sure if I have the complete angle on it yet, but I have put up a profile picture, done some tweeting and also retweeted other tweets. So far, I have 150+ followers; not bad going for a novice!

Anyway, I have read some advice on the art of tweeting, namely from a fellow blogger Nicholas Rossis, who has kindly shared his tips on promoting your books – and I’ll share them here.

Happy tweeting everyone!  🙂

1.Remember – people love a bargain! The results speak for themselves –

Discounts & Proms – 94%


Fun & Entertainment – 87%

Updates on Sales – 79%

Access to exclusive content – 79%

The most popular tweets are the ones that promote free books, ensuring traffic to your site!

2. Ask a Question.

When writing your tweet, arrange it in a question format. This will ‘pique’ interest in your tweet, but not enough to give the whole game away!

i.e. – Why is it important to always….? What is the one thing….? Why should you never….?

3. #Ensure Retweets.

Others can promote your tweets, by retweeting.

Tweets that ask for a retweet receive 12x more than those that don’t!

Tweets that include a link receive 86% more Retweets!

4. Use the right hashtag.

Not too many though, 3+ is quite enough!

Here are the most popular tweets relating to books:

#author #iamreading #deal #fantasy #reading #romance #book #Amazon #read #kindle

5. An example of a Great Response Tweet!

Taken from a tweet, which garnered a good response:

“Get Horror collection ‘A Sinister Six’ for just 99p when you order before June 14th! Get it from Amazon (add the link)”

  • starts with the offer
  • creates a sense of urgency (timescale)
  • ends with a call to action (Amazon and the link)