I took my friend along to a book signing on the weekend. Any chance to learn from an author and I’m there, first in the queue.

The event was held at my local library.πŸ“š Its a very modern looking building and Ms McInerney was quick to point out that it seemed huge, ‘a castle.’ Well there ain’t any castles in Australia (apart from the touristy type ones) so that gave us a clue to the author’ s heritage. She writes books set in Ireland. And the name – McInerney – she’s Irish, right? 


She very charmingly told us that she’s from the heart of the Clare Valley in south Australia and while she has lived in Ireland for several years, she has a very distinctive Aussie drawl!

The event lasted a couple of hours and Ms McInerney signed autographs, sat for photographs and shared some snippets of her writing and personal life, including her unique writing style and quirkyness.

Has anyone else been to an author event? Was it anyone that they admired for their stories?

Share away fellow bloggers! 😊

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