Elen A Celtic Trilogy 2
Elen A Celtic Trilogy


Elen A Celtic Trilogy

In preparation for my new book, The Tourmaline Bracelet A Celtic Trilogy,  which is the third of the family saga that follows the same family, transcends time and deals with themes such as loss, love, hope, anxiety, and retribution. I am playing about (and enjoying!) new book covers. The image above is my chosen one for the first book Elen. It gives the story an extra edge, a feeling of loss and anxiety in my main character that I wanted to convey.

As an indie writer, a good book cover is as important as the story itself – for why would a reader pick up your book unless its cover captured you?

Along with the plot, characters, editing, proof reading and editing again, the book cover is essential. What better way to market your book?

What do other bloggers think?

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