This blog post is inspired by the wealth of tips from Curtis Brown Creative, a writing school based in London. I subscribe to their newsletter and I’ve found valuable tips on writing, plus they provide writing workshops, writing courses (including online), one to one tutorials and interactions with top literary agents, amongst just a few of their skills.

These tips come courtesy of Jonny Geller, joint CEO of Curtis Brown, whose originally posted them onto Twitter, with mixed views! I’m sharing his insights anyway!

6 Tips for New Authors:

  1. Start a story as though you’re in the middle, finish the novel as though it’s a new beginning
  2. Plot is key – but not at the expense of your characters. Question every move, every plot line
  3. How a story makes you feel is just as important as how it makes you think
  4. Love writing your book, but don’t expect to love reading it
  5. We need to learn, experience and feel something new. Complacency is anathema to a writer; readers can sense complacency in an instant!
  6. Take your character to the limit. It’s easier to withdraw from the cliff’s edge than keep pushing up a hill

Valuable tips, every one. Happy writing! 🙂


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