Since I enrolled on the Creative Writing course in Feb (is it really only 12 weeks ago?), the time has run away from me. I have forgotten how intense uni life can be and I’m just studying part time! Suddenly, I have academic research to do, papers to read (and try and understand ), powerpoints and group discussions to attend,  as well as assignment work. Luckily the course has no exams, which I loath with a passion, or I may throw in the towel on this! 

My book has had to take a backseat while I tackle this coursework. I managed to get 2,000 words down on the weekend, when I usually achieve at least 5, 000 words. The first semester ended last week, so I have a month off! Thank goodness ☺

I’ve learnt so much already about researching  (very helpful for a historical writer!), about Creative nonfiction as an incredibly powerful genre of writing (and we’ve discussed some awesome writers , Truman Capote and Jack Kerouac to name just a few) that my brain is set to explode with knowledge! 

So many good writers. Is my writing up to it? Feel partly inadequate , and partly inspired to carry on! ☺ 

Such a weird feeling.

How do people feel about their writing? 

Please let me know . We are not alone.  😊📚