My local library has a book sale going on this week. I was a little late to the party and thought that the best books had gone, but perserverance is my middle name! Besides everyone has their own tastes. I picked up 11 books for just six dollars. These are a few of my gems. Two of the books, by Hannah Kent and Emma Donoghue have already read but I am excited to add them to my collection!

Here’s a review of the fabulous Donoghue goodie, The Wonder.

An English nurse is sent to rural Ireland where a young girl has not eaten a morsel for months. Tourists have flocked to see this ‘wonder’ but is she real or is it a hoax? 

Lib Wright’s role is to observe and watch her patient like a hawk:

“More water?” She offered the spoon. Anna’s eyelids flickered but didn’t open; she shook her head. “Be it done to me.” What ‘s the source of an 11 year old girl feeling resigned, powerless? Or, do those words mean something else, altogether to the child?”

This is a top class historical psychological thriller that draws the reader in from the first few pages. 

A well recommended 5/5 .

PS Looking forward to reading this again ! 📚

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