Today is my birthday – 12th March. I’m a Pisces; romantic, dreamy and hopefully creative!

Here are a few fun facts on a day that we love to celebrate:

Many religions celebrate with significant holidays:

Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity has a significant birthday, celebrated on 25 December. 

Prince Siddhartha Gautama the founder of Buddhism, has a birthday around April/May.

In the U S, Martin Luther King Day is a federal holiday, the third day in January.

Accordingly, the Greek historian Herodotus states that the Persian people loved their birthday celebrations. The rich celebrated with whole baked cow, horse or camel, while the poor made do with scraggy bits of the animals!

Moreover, in Japan they have the Coming of Age day at 20 years.

In Korea, the 1st birthday is significant, known as Doljanchi.

A 100 year old birthday warrants a birthday card from Queen Elizabeth ll herself, as part of the British Commonwealth.

In Judaism, 13 year old boy has a significant birthday, a bar mitzvah.

Me? I celebrated with a bottle of red and some lovely tiramisu!

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