Since starting the creative writing course this week, I am already spending extra time at my local library, ordering reading materials (Helen Garner books are on this course, love her style) and getting back into study mode.

But its no hardship really as the library is a new state of the faciliity that shines like a cultural beacon in its surroundings (namely old folks duplexes and a quaint shopping centre). Opening in 2013, it promised a new cultural experince with a digital media lab, 200 seating auditorium, recording studio and meeting rooms.It has extra study nooks, fab children’s area with slides and more computers – no more booking your time online!

Here are a few pics I took today, whilst browsing the YA section for my daughter. The art feature is of a very colourful koala bear – they are dotted all over the Gold Coast. ☺📚

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