Over last weekend we took our dog up to Coomera Lake. Its a 15 min drive in the car, but worth the trip; its breathtaking. The weather has been so hot and muggy, well over 40 degrees, so we were glad to have a cold lunch and head up and enjoy the lake breezes.

The lake is not particularly large, and can easily be walked or jogged (its perimeter is around 4 kms) and is a favorite spot with families, dog walkers and fisherman. Its a popular spot for rowing,canoeing and kayaking and sailing, although it was quiet when we got there; just a few families.pitching a tent and kicking a ball around.

We walked along the water’s edge as Billy our fox terrier likes to paddle and it cools him down. We passed a couple of fishermen and some very nosy seagulls and interestingly, a couple of crabbing baskets that I hadn’t noticed there before.

A lovely afternoon.☺