Main beach is a gorgeous beach sat neatly between the iconic Spit outcrop and lighthouse and the more commercial Surfer’s Paradise. It’s often overlooked for that very reason and merely glanced at from passing cars as they head to the more popular spots for coffee and maybe dinner. People like to walk along the Spit, dogs and children trailing along beside them, or they prefer the bright lights and atmosphere of Surfers.

So, we decided to stop and take in the relaxing mood of Main Beach. The bathing pavilion just at the back of this image dates back to before the Second World War and is part of the Queensland Heritage Site. Today, you may enjoy a coffee and a breathtaking view of the ocean whilst watching the bathers stroll by.

The bronze statue in the image is called Melody, and depicts an ethereal water nymph, created by the sculptor Frank Miles, forever surveying the ocean in front of her.

A lovely piece of history for the Gold Coast, usually taken up by the glamour of the highrises further along the coastline.

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