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November 25, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving — Inner Ramblings Boulevard:

Happy Thanksgiving to all across the pond!

Hello lovely people! Happy Thanksgiving!!! This Thanksgiving I have lots for which to be thankful. 1. I have an amazing Father. He knows all my needs. He knows all my dreams. He knows my pain. He knows how much I’ve suffered. He knows how far I’ve come. He knows how far I’ve yet to go. […]

via Happy Thanksgiving — Inner Ramblings Boulevard:

#Murder Mystery #Book Cover #Stella Windermere # Release date December 2016


This is my book cover for my new Murder Mystery. Set in the town of south Wales, a murder has occurred, and amateur sleuth is just the lady to solve it!

Release date: December 2016. Stella Windermere The case of the Polish sailor




Here’s a short synopsis:

Port Talbot, 1970s.

When a body is found on the beachfront at Aberavon,  amateur sleuth Stella Windermere is intrigued. The police are confused as to the identity of the mysterious man. All they have to go on is an ID tag next to the body. When a well known member of the community is bludgeoned to death at a party, the mystery deepens. Quickly embroiled in the case,Stella finds that she has to use all her wits to capture the murderer, along with her new assistant, Joe.

Thanks to Jo Robinson Services at for the book cover, great job! 🙂

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