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September 30, 2016


The Japanese art of Haiku poetry goes back to the 9th and 12th centuries. At my writing class this week, we practised our own attempts at Haiku, by using sets of images to inspire us. Most of the images were of flowers, greenery, exotic animals (such as cute baby elephants) and of water; lakes, ponds and oceans.

This is my attempt at Haiku from a photo I took of my local beach.



He who waits, knows

The sound of rippled

water, brings laughter

Suzanne Bowditch, 2016

Being a writer

Such a great post 🙂

Two on a Rant

catdeadline A reminder that cats make terrible beta readers but are great at inducing writer’s block.

If you’re a novel writer, blogger, or poet, you’ve heard one or more of these worthless rhinestones of advice presented to us as priceless gems:

  • “Get a real job.”  (From the man who hates his job and is counting the days to retirement)
  • “You have a better chance of winning the lotto than being a successful writer.” (From the guy who won $50 in the lotto 10 years ago and continues to pay out $10 a month for lotto tickets)
  • It’s a waste of time.”  (From the person who spends 4 hours each night watching game shows and reality TV)
  • You’ll never make any money writing.”  (From the millionaire who never pays for anything if he can get it for free).

I’ve found that most of the people who tell you to give up writing and do something “meaningful” with your…

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