Thank you to Meenakshi Sethi for nominating me for this award. Check out her poetry blog  Wings of Poetry at :

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7 Random Facts about myself:

1.I live in Australia, but was born in Wales

2.My favourite drink is a cup of tea

3 I had three pets as a child, all called Skippy (one dog, two budgies)

4. I spent a whole day sitting on a roundabout when One Direction was in town (my daughter is a huge fan), and we met the Irish one

5. I came second in a writing competition at school, at an Eisteddfod

6. I love chocolate

7.My favourite book is ‘The Signature of all Things’ by Elizabeth Gilbert.

I have nominated two other bloggers for the award, simply because it was difficult to find any with less than 1000 followers! Blogging is a popular pasttime 🙂

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