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This week has been a busy one in our household. My son Liam is moving to Melbourne next week, chasing his music career/aspirations. Because he wants to take his car I’m going with him and we are sharing the driving and I’m catching a flight back home. My week has consisted of sorting out clothes, ironing, booking flights, and trying to find a suitable bag for hand luggage for the flight.

So it was a welcome break for me when hubby suggested we go to the cinema 🙂

We usually take Jess with us to the movies, but Liam thought the film we wanted to see was totally unsuitable for a 15 year old, so just the two of us went along. The horror Don’t Breathe is doing the rounds here at the moment, and a few friends have said how good it is. The cinema was empty, as you can imagine for the time of day, but I think it added to the creepiness of the film. I could see shadows under every corner, even before the film had started!

Don’t Breathe

Don’t Breathe is set in a run down part of Detroit, Michigan. Rocky, along with Money and Alex, have a  robbery gang set up courtesy of Alex’s security guard dad (who knows nothing). Alex’s job is to steal the security keys to numerous houses in the area in order to break in to them. So far, so good, but it is not enough.Rocky dreams of taking her sister to live in California with her; anything to get away from the despair.

So when Money sets up a house that a War Veteran who has received a large amount of compensation money lives in, they can’t resist; this will be their ticket out of the desolation. The man is blind, and supposedly harmless, so the break should be a piece of cake. They plan goes horribly wrong when Money gets shot and killed by the old man, and they realise that they have become trapped in his house.

What secrets lie in this house in a rundown part of town? Can Rocky and Alex escape the old man’s house alive and with the money?

I found this film easily the most gripping that I’ve seen this year. It was far better than The Conjuring 2, which was a disappointment after The Conjuring.

A good gripping horror/thriller. 🙂

Recommend it as 5/5