The Broadwater

Apart from being the Movie Capitol of Australia, the Gold Coast has beautiful beaches and coastline. Filming takes place all over the coast, and at the moment the film Thor is in production at the Movie World back lot in Coomera. It stars Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth, Tom Higgleston (currently Taylor Swift’s new squeeze), Sir Anthony Hopkins (a Welshie like me) and Mark Ruffalo.

With this talent all around us, and sightings of these stars all over the place (MacDonald’s drive through, eating at Broadbeach) we went ‘Star Hunting.’ We’d heard that Mark Ruffalo is staying in Labrador, a suburb on the waterfront, and had been spotted walking around the place. So we drove down there, mobile phone in hand!

We tried, we really did, but ‘Star Hunting’ is a dedicated pasttime, not to be taken lightly. In the 10 years that we have lived on the coast, we have sat next to Donald Sutherland (eating fish and chips and red wine), had an autograph with Pete Townsend of The Who, and stood for hours waiting for Bono of U2 to make an appearance out of a plush hotel.

These were all either accidental sightings (lucky encounters) or planned. We once spent a whole day sitting on a roundabout with lots of teenage girls waiting for One Direction to appear. I did have a photo of Niall the Irish one, playing golf (another post day!).

But I have come to the conclusion that star spotting takes time, patience, and dedication. But we did get some great photos along the way!