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The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry – Rachel Joyce

Sometimes, a book comes along that makes you feel so content with the world, so hopeful that everything will be ‘just right.’ This is one of these times that a book has made me feel warm and satisfied with my lot. A poignant touching tale that will leave you feeling moved, and hopeful of the world. That doesn’t happen very often….

Harold Fry is lonely. A retired brewery salesman, he lives with his wife in a seaside town of Kingsbridge, England. His life is the same day after day whilst his wife cleans around him. Until one day, a letter drops through his mail box that will change his life. So started his journey to visit a dying friend in hospital, a friend that he hasn’t heard from in 20 years. What starts as a walk to the post box at the end of his street ends up as being a pilgrimage to the other end of the country, to Berwick -upon – Tweed. On the way, he meets a mixture of people from all walks of life; a single father of two, a man in a gorilla suit, a pack of cycling mothers and a stray dog.

It is a lovely tale, told in a calm and uplifting manner that will leave you loving the main character of Harold, and his quest for inner happiness. “A magical, moving and uplifting tale about a man’s journey across Britain and into his own heart.” Deborah Moggach