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I have a touch of writer’s block. It nothing serious, (I hope) but I have become stuck on my novel. I’m about 20,0000 words in, and have the basic outlines and plot in my head (even down to the last line of the book), but am stuck as to where my characters should go next. So, they are stuck in the middle of the Sahara Desert (specifically, Cairo during WW1), and are falling in love…..but then, where to fall in love? Stay in Cairo? Go back to England? (where one of them is from) or reintroduce the ‘baddie’ character that appeared a few chapters back.

So, I have sort refuge in reading. I have immersed myself in magazines, newspapers and books in order to find inspiration. I sat in a writing workshop recently and gleaned some ideas, but am not fully in my ‘writing mode’ –  yet. I have also enrolled on a writing course with the University of Iowa. Its a free course open to all, in which we are to discuss the works of Walt Whitman. I’m looking forward to discussing the themes of war, despair, loss and honing my creativity skills at the same time. Check it out on the university’s website, and perhaps I’ll catch you there…..http://ir.uiowa.edu/wwqr/journalannounce.html

Has anyone had this feeling of despair in writing? When they feel that creativity is lost to them, out of reach, a fleeting moment in their life that will not return?

Please share your thoughts…:)