Try as she might, Heidi could not get her mobile to work. She shook it, then tapped it against the steering wheel (not advisable) but there was nothing, no sound.


She looked up at the scene before her. The towering skyscrapers were silhouetted against the stormy sky, seeming to rise from the rocky outcrop like monsters raising themselves from slumber. The sky looked dark and ominous, forbidden and angry.

A sudden flash up ahead told her that the storm was on its way. The thunder followed, and then the rain, coming down in sheets on her windscreen.

‘I can’t believe it! Why did I listen to her? She told me that the weather would be fine, sunny even.’ She closed her eyes and opened the car door. A sudden gush pulled it out of her hands and she cursed as the handle swung onto her hand.

Stepping out of the car, she stood looking down at the beach. In this weather it looked stunningly beautiful, she had to admit. The tides hit the rocks and the foam was strong and fierce.

But she had seen this scene before, and needed it to be sunny. Oh yes, as sunny as possible. The case lay on the back seat, and she grabbed it, unzipping the contents. Adjusting the lens, she fired away quickly, taking in the scene, absorbing the inspiring beauty of the day.

‘There you are! I tried to phone, but – ‘ The voice behind startled her, and she turned to see her sister standing there. Mimi was several inches shorter than her, small and fine boned, whilst she followed their father, tall and blonde.

‘My phone is off. I forgot to charge it. What happened to the sun you promised me?’

‘Why do you want to take  sunny, nondescript photos? Your camera should reflect your character; strong, feisty and independent!’

Mimi fumbled in her pocket and held up a sheet of paper. Heidi could see the top address and the University of Melbourne printed on the top. ‘It came through this morning. I wanted to see your face when I showed it to you, so that I know you have that belief in yourself. You have the talent, Heidi to go to the top, to stretch yourself and here’s the proof –

“We are pleased to announce that you have been accepted on the Photography and Digital Prints course….”

‘ Well done sis!’