Hinze Dam, QLDThe weather has taken a plummet this week, as Winter has well and truly arrived in Australia. Temperatures on the Gold Coast have sunk to 9 degrees (compare that to 40 degrees in the Summer) and you can see why I have been confined to bed for the last two days with a stinky cold. I have the shakes, high temp, runny and sore nose and a general feeling of being UNWELL. I have not been able to find any warmth, even after wearing two pairs of socks, and my daughter’s Onsie ( I made a very fetching Tiger, but I digress).

So, my family left me with my moans, a box of tissues and a Miss Marple DVD, and took a run up to Hinze Dam. The dam is on the border between QLD and NSW, which supplies our local water.

Its been one of those lovely clear days, when there is not a cloud in the sky, just endless azure blue (see pics my daughter took). They walked around the touristy track and drank hot chocolate and nibbled on Macadamia cookies. They arrived back to find me snoozing in front of my DVD (I don’t think I have ever watched a mystery without snoozing : love Columbo, too).

Then, my daughter rustled up a spicy chilli con carne (which I couldn’t taste) and they have  settled down with the Monsters Inc movie. Maybe I can move out of bed by the morning….!

Happy weekend, where ever you are. 🙂