June 1-30 Challenge

Day 25 Photo Challenge

June 25, 1967. Broadcasting of the first live global satellite television program took place on this date. It was a show called Our World

Without the invention of the camera, we would not have television.

Today is your last photo challenge! This one may seem difficult, but you can do it!

Using your camera, take a video about Your World and share it.

Alternative: Post a picture representing the number 25. It can be twenty-five items, twenty-five people, or something showing the number 25.

Alternative: Post a gallery of 25 photos that have a shared theme. You can cheat a bit on this one and post five galleries each with five photos having a shared theme.


25 Toys 

This picture is just part of my daughter’s toy collection. We have bought and collected toys for her over the years as we have traveled around and at Christmas/birthdays. She went through a stage when she loved the cute beanie kids, so she has a few of them, plus toys that we’ve bought in the Warner Bros shops and Disney stores.

A brief history of toys

-Egyptian children played similar games to the children of today, including; dolls, marbles, spinning tops and toy soldiers

-In Ancient Greece, children played ball games with inflated pigs bladders

-Roman children loved wooden toys and clay dolls and hoops. They also enjoyed board games

-In the 16th century, wooden toys were still popular, along with games such as ‘cup & ball’

-The first dolls house was made in Germany in 1558

-By 1693, board games involving dice and letters were encouraged, to improve learning of the alphabet

-The first puzzle was invented, 1767

-Then, in the 19th century, families acquired rocking horses and clockwork toys, and clockwork trains became a popular part of Victorian life

-Modern toys include; Mt Potato Head (1952), Barbie (1959), the Skateboard (1958) and the Tamagotchi (1996).