June 1-30 Challenge

Day 19 Nineteenth Letter? No!

June 19, 1989. The movie Batman premiered. My Andrew thought Batman a great hero. 

Can you be a blogging hero without utilizing the 19th letter of the American alphabet?

Do not utilize the nineteenth letter of the alphabet when writing your article to be made public on your blog today. The topic of the article may be anything you like. It can be any length. But it cannot contain the nineteenth letter!

Oh no How hard a challenge!

I have come up with wordz that DO NOT have the nineteenth letter in them, but not eazy!!

My family:

My hubby, named Jeff, a welder and an Elvi(s) fan (and a regular good guy).

Me, a blogger, mum, reader, chief cook and writer.

My boy, Liam, an avid reader of the world (Freud, Plato).

My daughter, with Billy, pure love for each other.

My dog, called Billy – a black and white terrier with an attitude.


Turtle in the Barrier Reef  stuffpoint.com