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Day 18 Photo Challenge

June 28, 2016. The White House News Photographers Association “Eyes on History” gala takes place tonight. 

The photo challenge is getting harder as the number increases!

Post a picture representing the number 18. It can be eighteen items, eighteen people, or something showing the number 18. Maybe even an 18-year-old!

Alternative: Post a gallery of 18 photos that have a shared theme. Or post three galleries each with six pictures having a shared theme.

Apples, pears and Kiwi fruit.

fruit in a bowl

A work colleague of my hubby has an orchard at his farm in New South Wales, so we get freshly picked apples most weeks. I made up the EIGHTEEN with a couple of pears and some kiwi fruits.

Here are some facts about the origin of the trusty apple tree:

The apple tree (malus domestica) originated in Central Asia.

It is a deciduous tree in the rose family.

It was brought to Northern America by European colonists.

It has both religious and mythological significance in many cultures, including Norse, Greek and European Christian traditions.

Apples, the fruit from an apple tree, are used for eating raw, cooking and for cider production.

Worldwide production of apples in 2013 was 80.8 million tonnes.

That’s a whole lot of apples !!!!