June 1-30 Challenge

Day 16 Sixteen and Licensed to Drive!

June 16, 1903 The Ford Motor Company was incorporated.

Sixteen is the age at which you can get a driver’s license in most states in the US. Was your first car a Ford? Tell us about getting your license or you first car.

Alternative: Write about a road trip.

My First car

My first car was a mini. I learnt to drive in it,  I passed my test in it, then consequently drove to school in it (I thought I was the bees knees).

The car was second hand, with just one lady owner, and I loved it. It was a pea green color with the original walnut trim on the dashboard that I thought was wonderful.

Mr Bean and his mini – just like mine! Courtesy of http://www.theminiforum.co.uk

My mini story :

I stayed on at school to finish my exams. It was at this time that my parents booked a holiday to Australia to visit my aunt and uncle. I was 17 years old, with my own car –  the thought of having the house to myself for 5 weeks was too tempting. Needless to say, I stayed at home (dog sitting ) and had a couple of parties (not many , my dad was strict and he was a local policeman; he would have found out!).

Anyway, I loved the freedom of doing as I pleased. My friends and I hired videos from the store, and would spend the weekends eating pizza, cakes and sweets and staying up all night.

My parents had a sloping drive at the side of their house. My dad had just built an ornate fancy brick wall at the bottom of the slope, in order to grow clematis and roses.

I had to park my mini just behind the wall after school each day. This one time, I parked it, and because it was on a hill the car lured forward before parking. Needless to say, the front headlight hit the wall and smashed (minis had quite rounded headlights in those days, that’s my excuse!).

I had to take it to the garage, with my dad’s credit card (after firstly calling him in Australia. It was the middle of the night there, I was not up on time zones then!).

The next week, the same thing happened – bang! into the wall, smash! of the headlight. Back to the garage…

This time, I put a couple of bricks for the mini to rest on first. Feeling thrilled with myself, I drove down the drive again, with a new headlight fitted…smash! into the wall again.

The men at the garage just burst out laughing when they saw me pull up for the THIRD time.

After that, I parked the mini on the road…..!