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Dan Alatorre

TheNavigatorsDanAlatorreThis is just a sample of the positive feedback The Navigators is receiving. Not ALL the feedback is positive, but most of it is – and I’m grateful for all of it. You need honest, candid input from your beta readers!

And… it’s nice to bask in the glow, too, and see you did some stuff right.


“I get excited when I read a REALLY good book…

“This story has so much to like about it.  The opening line grabbed me, and didn’t let go… The story is fast paced, yet easy to follow along.

“I normally read romance, yet love a good suspense now and then.  So I particularly enjoyed the romantic aspects of the story.  This has to be the best line ever:

in that moment it was like the Earth paused to simply allow her to fully find him.


“I absolutely loved the…

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