June 1-30 Challenge

Day 8. Eight legs or Sideways It’s Infinity.

June 8, 1992. The Earth Summit was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, South America. The first World Ocean Day was celebrated.

Did you know that the world’s largest spider is the Goliath birdeater tarantula and it’s found in South America ?

Write a story with eight legs OR turn the eight sideways, and write about Infinity.

Fairy Wrens

On my daily walk with my terrier Billy, my usual route takes me up past the wooded area at the end of my street. The is a patch called a Wetlands, where the housing construction companies have left alone, unable to build on it. It has become a mass of wildlife; I have spotted kangaroos hiding in the bush land, snakes (especially brown snakes) slithering across the ground, plus heaps of birds such as lorikeets, magpies and cockatoos, screeching above my head.

Today, I was thrilled to see a male Superb Fairy wren with his three female companions. According to Wikipedia –

‘The Superb Fairy Wren is notable for several peculiar behavioral characteristics; although socially monogamous, they are sexually promiscuous; although they form pairs – One male, One female, each partner will mate with others, then all will assist in raising the young from such pairings.’

There were three female fairy wrens, following a male intently as they foraged for insects, making EIGHT legs plus a harem that was a surprising learning curve in itself 🙂


Superb Fairywren
Male and female Superb Fairywren: Courtesy of ian.muirhead name


Image courtesy of ian.muirhead name