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June 9, 2016

June 9 Challenge

June 1-30 Challenge

Day 9 Go the Whole Nine Yards

June 9, 1834. William Carey died. He is considered the Father of Modern Missions. He spent forty-one years as a Christian missionary to India without ever taking a furlough. Being a missionary in China in the early nineteenth century was not easy!

To go the whole nine yards means “to continue doing something dangerous or difficult until it is finished”. William Carey went the whole nine yards.

When have you gone the whole nine yards? Write about it.

Or write a story of someone in a dangerous or difficult situation and how they go the whole nine yards.

 Egg and spoon race.

When my son was seven years old, he was entered into an egg and spoon race at his primary school. Normally, my hubby took part in all the sporting events at the children’s school, whilst I would sit on the sidelines with a picnic and lots of encouragement.My hubby relished the once a year events as it gave him the chance to compete against the other dads and swap bruises/stories/ generally brag about how good they were!

This particular year was somewhat different. My hubby managed to pull a crucial ligament in his knee in a ‘friendly’ footy match one cold and wet Sunday morning. I had chosen not to stand in the sidelines that day, so heard about it via a phone call that he was in the hospital. He had surgery within weeks, and was on crutches (and off work) for several months afterwards.

Needless to say, he was unable to take part in Liam’s school sports day. It was left up to, yes, you’ve guessed it….ME!

The egg and spoon race involves carrying an egg on a spoon, and racing to a finishing post. I started off well, my egg stayed put, until another mum came too close to me (not sure if it was deliberate, these school activities can be brutal!), and the egg fell off the spoon. Nevertheless I persevered, and quickly put it back in its place and ran (I use this term loosely) as quickly as possible…and came third!!

My son was thrilled, and my hubby was hoarse with shouting from the sidelines.

I went the Whole Nine Yards, and was not a complete failure….and we still talk about that day. 🙂



20 Questions with Suzanne Bowditch

This is a blog interview that I did recently, Enjoy 🙂

Author Don Massenzio

Suzanne Bowditch

Today we sit down with Australian author (by way of Wales) Suzanne Bowditch. She is going to share her work, inspiration and a bit about herself with us. Please enjoy this installment of 20 Questions.

Q1) When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I won a poetry competition at school. It was a poem about a wild horse, and had lots of alliteration. It gave me the encouragement to want to write. After that, I started to write in my diary and read a lot of books. Writing took a back seat when I had my family, but I have returned to writing over the last eighteen months.

Q2) How long does it typically take you to write a book?

The first book Elen, took about three months to write, but the sequel to that book, entitled Alice’s Secret took me at least five months.


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MORE Beta Love for The Navigators

Reblogged this on suzannebowditch Great story 🙂

Dan Alatorre

TheNavigatorsDanAlatorreThis is just a sample of the positive feedback The Navigators is receiving. Not ALL the feedback is positive, but most of it is – and I’m grateful for all of it. You need honest, candid input from your beta readers!

And… it’s nice to bask in the glow, too, and see you did some stuff right.


“I get excited when I read a REALLY good book…

“This story has so much to like about it.  The opening line grabbed me, and didn’t let go… The story is fast paced, yet easy to follow along.

“I normally read romance, yet love a good suspense now and then.  So I particularly enjoyed the romantic aspects of the story.  This has to be the best line ever:

in that moment it was like the Earth paused to simply allow her to fully find him.


“I absolutely loved the…

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June 8 Challenge

June 1-30 Challenge

Day 8. Eight legs or Sideways It’s Infinity.

June 8, 1992. The Earth Summit was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, South America. The first World Ocean Day was celebrated.

Did you know that the world’s largest spider is the Goliath birdeater tarantula and it’s found in South America ?

Write a story with eight legs OR turn the eight sideways, and write about Infinity.

Fairy Wrens

On my daily walk with my terrier Billy, my usual route takes me up past the wooded area at the end of my street. The is a patch called a Wetlands, where the housing construction companies have left alone, unable to build on it. It has become a mass of wildlife; I have spotted kangaroos hiding in the bush land, snakes (especially brown snakes) slithering across the ground, plus heaps of birds such as lorikeets, magpies and cockatoos, screeching above my head.

Today, I was thrilled to see a male Superb Fairy wren with his three female companions. According to Wikipedia –

‘The Superb Fairy Wren is notable for several peculiar behavioral characteristics; although socially monogamous, they are sexually promiscuous; although they form pairs – One male, One female, each partner will mate with others, then all will assist in raising the young from such pairings.’

There were three female fairy wrens, following a male intently as they foraged for insects, making EIGHT legs plus a harem that was a surprising learning curve in itself 🙂


Superb Fairywren
Male and female Superb Fairywren: Courtesy of ian.muirhead name

Image courtesy of ian.muirhead name




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