Day 2 – Choose two goals for the month:

  1.  Continue to eat as healthily as possible. As well as aiming to complete the June challenge, I started a healthy eating plan on the 1st of June. Today, I visited my local supermarket and picked up lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as wholemeal bread, eggs and low fat milk. I am not calling it a ‘diet’ as I always feel that I am somehow punishing myself by the very word. Tomorrow I am going shopping for some warmer clothes (Winter has arrived in Queensland), but will choose a sushi roll or a salad for my lunch, instead of my normal shopping treat of coffee and cake.
  2. Continue on my writing journey. I completed my second book a few weeks back, and have been busy editing it myself. This means that I have spent precious hours looking at words that I have already written, instead of creating new ones. So, with that in mind, I am determined to set a time for editing, and a time for creating. I have my blog, plus the third book of the trilogy in the pipeline. Also, a series of short narratives have sprung up in between researching, so am excited about perusing those ideas.

    Early morning on the Gold Coast