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Last weekend I went down to the Blues Festival in Broadbeach, a suburb of the Gold Coast that lies next to the beach front. The Blues Festival takes place every year and is a free event, but we had not been down there for an age, so were looking forward to it. Added to that, one of my son Liam’s musician mates was playing there with his band Masculito Blues.

The festival was already in full swing by the time we arrived, and we settled done in the nearest trendy restaurant and ordered wine and chips ‘n’ dips. The music rocked in the background, and people thonged around, vying for the best positions to see the bands. A poster on the wall opposite to us declared that Ray Burdon and the Animals were on later, as the highlight of the festival.

One or two wines later and we strolled over the watch Masculito Blues, a great band who epitomize Blues at its best. Some good bluesey numbers later, and we looked for something to eat. The restaurants were now packed to capacity, but we waited for a table at a trendy sushi bar, and enjoyed tuna and raw salmon rolls smothered in Japanese mayo and wasabi, and washed down with a couple of beers.

Well worth the trip; the Festival was rocking. 🙂

Suzanne Bowditch, 2016