The van rattled along the French countryside. Josh looked out of the dusty back window, his mind in a whirl.

His mum had taken the news well, he’d thought. He’d expected a clip around the ear, or at the very least a lecture, starting with the words “You’re both too young, too irresponsible…’

Instead,she’d shuffled Anna into her small front room, and made her tea. Anna had wolfed down a Cornish pasty and a slice of home made fruit cake, and Josh realized that they had barely eaten anything for two days.

‘Well, I’m behind you all the way, you two!’ his mother had said. ‘What does that posh dad of yours say about this then, Anna my dear?’

Anna shook her head, tears spilling down her face. She looked as devastated as anyone could be, who had just discovered that they were going to have a baby with someone that didn’t really care about them. Added to that, her whole family had disowned her. Josh shuddered when he remembered the phone call she’d made just yesterday.

‘Mum, I’m old enough….! Put dad on the phone…’ Doesn’t he want to talk…?’ Anna had sounded desperate. Josh had fled to the toilet on the train, embarrassed by her conversation. Her parents had confirmed his worst fears. He’d known all along that they looked down on him, but to cut her off…well. they were the worst kind of people.

So, his mum had been the best option.

Anna was to stay with her until the baby was born; Josh’s mum had insisted.

He realized then how lonely she had been since he’d left home.

As the van chugged along the road to their next gig, a tavern outside Paris, his heart gave a little leap in his chest. Good old mum, he thought to himself. She’ll look after Anna and my son…or daughter.

He was looking forward to going home.


Copyright Suzanne Bowditch, 2016