Pink blancmange
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I had lunch with a group of friends last week. When we get together, the conversation is always about our children (comparing notes on behavior) or our families. We are a mixed bag; two Aussies, two English ladies and me, the Welshie. This time we did a little reminiscing on our childhoods and growing up in general. We are a mature bunch of ladies, so most of us can go back a fair few years!

I have lived in Australia for the last ten years and have learnt that Aussies like Vegemite (yuck!) sausages (nicer) and seafood on Christmas Day. But when we talked about what things we liked to eat as a child, I made a surprising discovery – one of my Aussie friends did not know what Blancmange is. A little taken aback by this, I tried to tell her that Blancmange is a creamy dessert (mainly pink ) that accompanies jelly (not jam ) It is usually served at birthday parties, and is moulded into the shape of a rabbit (pink) with grass (green) jelly around it.

It would be the highlight of any birthday party that I went to as a child, and would take centre stage on the party table ( whilst the birthday cake would be in the kitchen, under a cloth ready for the candles).

Does anyone have a childhood food that they loved, but no one else has even heard of?

Suzanne Bowditch, 2016