Otter ChaosLiam and Jess Aus ZooKomodo Dragon.

We went up to the Sunshine Coast today and visited Australia Zoo. It was hubby’s birthday, so it was a majority decision to go there. The journey up from the Gold Coast takes about 2 hours and is well worth it; it is breathtaking. We have to drive past the Glass Mountains which are to me the most underrated areas of scenic beauty – forget Uluru, we have the Glass House Mountains!

The Zoo itself is a pleasure to visit. They have animals from all parts of the world – from Africa, Asia and Australia. The Komodo Dragon was impressive, so I had to snap him. The otters are one of my favorite animal, and their antics kept us watching them for a good hour. Their trainer (if you can call her that!) told us that they are a very intelligent animal, but even though they look so cute, they would bite if patted…!

A lovely day was had. We cruised back home in the afternoon to a cold beer. πŸ™‚