Pretty Baby by Mary Kubica

Bought on a Friday;

Read by Monday.

This female psychological thriller had me gripped from start to finish.

Heidi lives with her husband and only daughter Zoe in an apartment at the center of Chicago. She is a humanitarian, specializing in helping people from all walks of life.As she waits for her regular train to take her to work one morning, she spots a young girl and a baby. They are clearly homeless as the girl is sheltering under a door way with just a battered suitcase and a crying infant. The baby looks fretful and ill and the girl tired and dirty. Both look hungry.

Heidi sees her the next day, and the next.

Then one day, she asks if she can pay for dinner.

What follows is a real page turner, as the events unfold and we learn more about Heidi, her husband, and the girl called Willow.

It will leave guessing from the very start.

Highly recommend  – 5/5