Garden City

We discovered a new shopping mall near Brisbane on the weekend. Well, I say it was a new discovery, but we had driven past the area several times and had always remarked ‘We have to visit here!’ but never had. Well, we did.

The image is of Eight street, made to look like a real life food street in any part of Asia. I like Japanese, so had Chicken Teriyaki, fried rice and an egg on the side. Lovely. Liam chose the sweeter dish of honey chicken with Japanese mayo on the top, which I preferred – will have that next time.

The place rocked, with a heap of shops that I hadn’t heard of before. My daughter and I spent three hours in a H&M store alone – the last time I was at one of those was down in Sydney at Christmas.

We drank sweet cappuccinos, and shopped some more, and left footsore, but glad that we’d finally shopped there.:)