I took my daughter and husband to see the new Disney film The Jungle Book. Jeff insisted that we arrive early, and he was right. Even though I grumbled in the car on the way that ‘I was NOT ready yet!’ the queue in the cinema lobby convinced me other wise. We went into Screen 4, which was already half full, and sat watching people fumble to get seats together.

It was worthy of the crowd of enthusiastic families and children though; the film was fabulous. It kept to the original film by Disney (or should I say, the book by Mr Rudyard Kipling himself?!), and the CGI was amazing. I particularly loved Baloo the bear (who was Bill Murray, as funny as ever). The little boy who played Mowgli did a real good job and was cute as.

We left the cinema happy bunnies. πŸ™‚

Well worth 5/5 for me.

PS. This is Percy the pelican who resides in Sea World πŸ™‚DSCF0205