It was my birthday last week, so the whole family spent the day in Brisbane. Just a short hour from our home, the city had a positively jam packed amount of activities going on. We arrived early, but the Science Festival was in full swing, arranged on the banks of the Brisbane River. There were heaps of families picnicking on the grass and enjoying the warmth of the day. Lots of youngsters were excitedly walking from one exhibit to another, trying out experiments with water, light and sound. An electric car took pride of place at the center of the Festival – I hope this will catch on, as there would be no need to purchase petrol! Save the planet from pollution and your purse too…

We strolled past the science delights and made our way to the QLD Museum and the Art Gallery. Along with writing, art is my delight and its a treat for me to see the range of paintings displayed at the gallery, from Australian and European artists and Aboriginal artwork.

A exhibit of Medieval artifacts was on display at the Museum. As a history geek, I was in my element. There was pottery, shields and swords, medieval tile flooring and even a display of a famous Norse chess piece, called the Lewis chessmen. Heaven….

After lunch, we took a leisurely stroll around the market at Southbank. We browsed the arty and crafty stuff (which I love), and then ended the day with a Caramel Salted ice cream concoction from a new place on the banks of the river.

Bliss πŸ™‚