Anna was standing at the corner of the bar when he approached. He didn’t see her at first, so small was she squashed up against the tall rockers. Even with high heels on she looked positively hobbit-like. Still, it was hard to miss those big blue eyes. They seemed to fill her face, almost luminous like. They reminded him of an exotic cat. He had certainly delved into their depths.

‘Buy me drink? To make up for what you did, leaving me at that pub, alone in bed! I could have been attacked, do you know that?’

Josh shook his head. ‘You can take of yourself Anna. I have the scars to prove it.’ He pulled up his left sleeve as if to prove his point. A feint scar ran from elbow to wrist; made by long talons. He’d hidden them from the other band members for weeks, ashamed to tell then that this fragile creature had used them on him. How would his reputation stand up to that?

She sure was a feisty one, he’d give her her due. And persistent too, judging by this evening. Josh was starting to feel the stirrings of flattery. She was getting under his skin….:)

Besides, she did not look that shabby, he had to admit. Tonight, she had a skin tight top on, her nipples poking through the flimsy material. Hip hugging jeans and high spiked heels completed the look. She wore a deep red lipstick, and her hair was arranged differently. For the first time, Josh noticed how hot she looked.

Someone shoved him from behind, spilling his beer onto the already sticky carpet.

‘Look – we need to talk. Let’s go somewhere quiet.’

Anna’s face froze, as she looked over to the door behind him.Sophie was by the edge of the stage, her lips locked around Jazz. Josh felt a wave of anger wash over him. Jazz knew that he fancied that Sophie! Forgetting all about Anna, he stormed over to confront them.

‘What’s this then?’ He grabbed Jazz by the shoulder, and pushed him. Jazz fell flying, ending up in a heap in the middle of the music stands. Sophie rushed to his side shouting for help.

The room went quiet, as everyone stopped to look at the commotion.

‘All over folks. Nothing to see here.’ He held his hands up in submission. ‘We’re just fooling around.’

He retreated hastily, to look for Anna. She will console me, he thought.

At the bar, he stopped in his tracks. Anna was standing close to another guy, who had his arm around her shoulder. The guy was whispering in her ear, and they both laughed, oblivious to anyone around.

The night could not get any worse….