I am not, and never will be, a complete sci-fi fan. So, when the original Star Wars film was released in the cinemas in the seventies, I was not in a rush to watch it. It had great reviews I remember, but I still stubbornly refused to acknowledge it as a ‘credible’ story. Why would a bunch of weird looking characters speaking a made up science language appeal to me? Why were robots remotely interesting? A big fat no no, and let us get back to real films.

Then, my younger brother brought the film home one night on DVD. He raved over the story of some war going on in the outer reaches of the galaxy. He had the light sabre and posters on his bedroom wall of a huge creature called Jabba, alongside the humans.


Fast forward a few decades later, and the new film has been released. Mmmmm. So, my son wants the box set for Christmas, which I duly bought. Boxing Day finds us all spread out on the couch, full up with turkey curry and chocolates, watching these films for a second time (well, in my case anyway).

This time though, I am hooked. The story lines are sharp and witty, and the humour is quite enchanting (especially a very cheeky Han Solo).

Which leads me up to the present film. Maybe its the remnant of a memory from long ago but I was not that interested in watching the new one (eeek!).

Yet again, I have been proved wrong. I loved it. The time went by extraordinarily fast, as there was not one dull moment in the whole film. The new characters fitted in perfectly, and the special effects were fabulous. 8/10

PS This leads me to conclude that I regard these films rather like I do beans on toast – not sure I want to eat them, but really enjoy them when I do.

Let the Force be with you.