The lights of the city appeared up ahead and Josh removed headphones. Then, the pub on the left hand side, shining like a beacon in the night. As they pulled up into the car park, Josh wound down the window of the van. Music blasted out of the pub, giving it the feel of a ghetto blaster. The pub sign was lit with a picture of swans on a lake illustrated the name of the pub.

‘Here we are then lads, my favorite venue, The Swan. I have to get a pint in me before we go on tonight, then someone else can take the wheel in the morrow. What say you lover boy?’ Jazz giggled as he poked Josh in the ribs. The sound of a childish chuckle coming from such as great lump always amused him.

Luke pulled across the van’s sliding door and jumped onto the tarmac. Stones crunched as he walked to the pub door, stretching and yawning. Then he stopped at the door and pointed in the other direction. The expression on his face was a picture. He looked as if he were going to burst with laughter.

‘Josh, me laddo, look over there!’

Josh had just opened the van door ready to jump down. He was parched, but looked to where Luke was pointing anyway.

Parked on the other side of the car park, tucked up under the pub sign, was Anna’s car. 😦