The Angel of the North appeared to the right of the motorway, silhouetted by the deep blue of the dusk sky. Pink clouds moved behind the huge statue, a comforting reminder to all that traveled this route were nearer to their destination, in more ways than one.

The road sign flashed in front of them, catching the lights from the van; Newcastle was just a few miles ahead. The largest industrial city in the North of England was now a permanent stop off on their bid for world domination. The crowds that came to the gigs were always enthusiastically loud and appreciative of their music.

‘Nearly there lads. I could murder a pint!’ Jazz’s voice broke through the stillness of the night. Josh turned around to look at the rest off the band. Luke had fallen asleep and gave a groan as if in reply.

‘Will she be there tonight, do you think?’ Jazz gave a snort. Josh knew who he was referring to: Anna. I hoped not.

‘No, she won’t come this far North again. Remember last year, she got lost outside Edinburgh and had to call her dad? He won’t allow it again; treats her like a princess.’

Josh put his earphones on, and searched on itunes for his favorite band: Tame Impala. He closed his eyes and waited for the van to reach their destination.