Bookcover of Elen by Suzanne Bowditch (jpg)Elen has had a mediocre of success as a kindle book, but now I have figured out how to create a physical copy! Create space works in conjunction with Amazon, in that it provides online tools to enable an amateur (like myself) to format and publish to their site the option of a printed book.

This is so exciting for me as a self published author. I have already sent for a proof read copy of the book (it’s even more exciting to write it down! – I have written a book!). It’s winging its way across the Pacific as we speak – it’s journey from the US to Australia taking nearly three weeks (I opted for the lower postage package, funds are low while I try to follow my dream).

Now, I can put a book that I have written myself, onto my already overflowing bookcase. I can also provide my readers (only a few so far, but growing), the option of ordering it online. It has given my motivational skills a boost, and my confidence and belief that I may become an established author in the future.

As Elen is the first in a trilogy of books that tell the story of the different generations of the same family, I need to work on my second book. Alice’s Secret has been written, but not edited, which I have started to do. I also spent the morning in my local library, researching the third book. This one is as yet unnamed, but my main character, Harry, will be fighting in the Great War, 1914-18. πŸ™‚