Today we visited the plush Versace hotel on the edge of the sparkling coastline of the Gold Coast. Queensland is known for its pristine beaches, endless blue skies and white sands, and we were not disappointed. We strolled along the boardwalk placed around the back of the hotel where the views of the harbour are breathtaking. We looked up at the creamy coloured facade and imagined staying in one of the luxurious suites and being cossetted all day! Fantastic.
As we watched, the pelicans flew overhead from their homes on the sandbanks, and settled in front of Peter;s fish market, anticipating their tea. The men came out with buckets of fish entrails, and fed them. They are surprisingly delicate for such big birds and have huge beaks. We watched as the fish tails could be seen over the beaks, and then swallowed rapidly.
Then, it wa time for High Tea in the lobby. Delicate salmon sandwiches vied for room among the luscious pastries and sweet meringues. This was accompanied by champagne and English breakfast tea. Such decadence. 🙂