I have Jeff’s sister and her husband over for a visit. They have braved the cold of England to the heat of the Gold Coast, and are loving it. They went on a mini break to Vanuatu (which we have yet to see!) and enjoyed the friendliness of the people there, and the chilled back ambiance. Now back for a few days, we decided to ‘hit’ the shops yesterday. We went down to Robina, and with instructions to the men to ‘go grab a coffee,’ we descended on one vulnerable little shop! The shop assistants were as helpful as could be, considering the amount of people (and space!) that they had to deal with. They recommended outfits, colours and styles to us which made it a very pleasant shopping experience. As a result, we stayed there for over two hours (the longest time I have ever browsed in a shop, and with Jeff outside!). I even managed to get my daughter Jess (who hates trying on clothes) into the changing room. This in itself rang all my bells.

Today, another day in paradise, and we are going down to the beach; that timeless movement of water upon sand which will be there long after the trendy shops have decided to pack up and leave. Very philosophically put! πŸ™‚